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It’s the 2017 version of sticking a $50 in the bouncers palm to get into a busy club. No one wants to go out to a club at 8PM to ensure getting in, and no one likes to get there at 11PM to be told there’s an hour wait to get in. Skip let’s you skip the line without the awkwardness of trying to pay off the bouncer with cash which could get he or she in trouble with their boss.

Pop open the app and if a bar / club / concert venue / sporting event / restaurant has signed up for the service you will see them on the list and be able to skip the line for a fee. The fee would fluctuate based on how busy the particular establishment is at the time (think surge pricing on Uber).

Skips model would be a percentage split with the establishment. Example: 50% - If the skip is $20 the establishment and Skip each get $10 of the sale. A busy venue, with a capacity of 200, is going to hit capacity anyway (with a line outside waiting) - but if 30 of those people paid $40 each to skip the line thats an extra $1,200 bucks for no reason other than people not wanting to wait.


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